Certification Course (5 modules)

Cert. H



Our Hypnotherapy Certification Course comprises 5 modules (2 days a month) of professional instruction that will allow you to become a Certificated Hypnotherapist.


What will this Certification course teach me?

Although it's described as a 'foundation skills' course, this tuition programme is actually far more comprehensive than some that claim to be 'complete'. The following subjects, and a whole lot more, are covered in precise detail:

What hypnosis is and what it is not

What it can and cannot do

How to hypnotise almost anybody

Recognising hypnosis instantly

Safely releasing hypnosis 

Using self hypnosis effectively 

Direct and indirect suggestion

Suggestibility testing 

The Conscious Critical Faculty & getting to the 'root' of the problem


Course Outline

Designed specifically for those new to the world of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, the course is presented in a structured and easy to assimilate format. There are 5 classes spread over 5 months, each one complete in itself yet integrating seamlessly with the others to provide a full tuition programme.


One of the lessons includes a 'hypno-wellbeing' recording that will not only give your ego a boost, but will also allow you to hear how to deliver a hypnotic induction and subsequent suggestion work.You would be able to successfully go into practice as a Hypnotherapist after successfully completing this Certification course and can easily upgrade to the full Diploma course at any time, the training for which runs concurrently - so there would not be any need for a break in your studies. 


The Full Diploma course gives you extra skills in Hypno-analysis (investigating the client's early years) as well as other advanced technqiues. For details of the 10 month Professional Practitioner course, click here


No Previous Experience is Necessary


You need have no previous experience of therapy of any sort to become a successful hypnotherapist - in fact, this Certification Course is written with the assumption that the student may have no more than a vague idea of what therapy actually is and is supposed to do. And you don't have to worry that you might need to be a 'special' sort of person either, because successful hypnotherapists come from such truly diverse backgrounds as: shop assistants, company directors, lorry drivers, bank clerks, insurance brokers, housewives, househusbands, factory workers, car salesmen, computer programmers, ballroom dancers, musicians, welders, electronics engineers, builders... whatever occupation you can think of, it's almost certain that a therapist somewhere has been it.

No Special Gift


It's a common misconception that only people who possess 'the gift of hypnosis' can apply it properly. The reality is that anybody can learn how to use it and it is the therapy part of the equation that takes more time to grasp - but the Essex Institute (Milton Keynes) of Clinical hypnosis courses even make that easy! It matters not one bit whether you are young or old, male or female, academically talented or simply just a 'regular' sort of person, you can learn how to use this amazing phenomenon of the psyche to help improve the lives of your fellow beings and yourself.

What will I be able to do?

Many people ask this question and the best answer is probably: "More than you could possibly imagine." Once trained, you will have a wonderful ability to help others achieve many of their goals and desires so easily that they will scarcely believe it.

Treatable Ailments

Listed below are just a few of the problems for which you will be able to offer effective help. The Foundation Course shows you how to deal with these, as well as how to easily recognise when a situation is beyond your area of expertise.

Smoking Cessation

Stress Management

Habits (Nailbiting, etc.)

Exam Nerves

Confidence Issues

Driving Test Nerves

Social Phobias

Goal Achievement

Weight Control


The Certificate of Skills

When you complete your studies, you will be able to take a certification exam (which you take away and complete at home). 

This not only gives you the 'Cert. H.' letters after your name but also gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you have learned your skills thoroughly and the confidence to use them. You will also receive a personalised 'Certificate of Skills' as evidence of your competence.

What's included in the course?

The course materials are extensive and include:


  • Professionally written and produced lesson notes - probably the most comprehensive support pack in the industry

  • All required course books

  • Supplementary audio tuition on Data pens for easy listening at home

  • All study assignment assessment fees

  • All examination fees

Everything to complete your training is included and you need no previous experience in this type of work either because we assume you know nothing about the world of therapy and take you from the very beginning to fully qualified professional therapist. As long as you can read, and have an interest in people, you will be able to complete this course - and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it at the same time!



Fees: The total fee for the entire Certification course is: £1475.00 Sterling. This may be paid in advance, or per module.


Pay in full at time of booking to receive 10% discount bringing the course total down to £1327.50




Deposit of £295.00 upon booking  + 4 payments of £295.00 payable 7 days before each attendance date.


Should you need to leave the course for any reason, you only have to give us 28 days notice, after which you will have no further financial obligation, and any lessons you have already paid for in advance, but do not attend, will be refunded. (A deposit is required at the time of booking).




(Should you have to miss a class for any reason, there is an option for a 'catch up' personal tutorial session - fees apply.) 

The classes start at 9.30 am and finish at  5 pm each day approx. 

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